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Training Needs Analysis (TNA) entails an assessment of the existing knowledge and skill levels. TNA focuses on ‘performance’ to identify training needs. The process requires listing down the required level of knowledge and skills to perform the task which then forms the terminal behavior for the training.

Plan & Design Training

Based on the needs identified through TNA, detailed training design is developed. The design spells out the Training Aim – what the trainer intends to achieve through the training program, Learning Units – the core contents of the programme; and Training Objectives – what the participants would be able to do after completion of the training program or the terminal behaviour.

On the basis of the specific training objectives, the Learning Event is designed. The event details specific contents, training method adopted for the particular objective, time required based on the method, material required and performance aids for the fulfillment of the specific objective. The method of assessment of the terminal behavior is also detailed in the design. After designing, other arrangements for implementing the learning event are detailed.

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