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Sambodhi’s programmes are designed to address big-picture issues of equip learners tackle the diverse challenges brought forth by an active business context. The programmes are targeted at bright, inquisitive minds striving for professional excellence and eager to invest in building professional rigour and capacities.

All the programmes are reflection of Sambodhi’s Endeavour to reshape It imbibes internationally emerging discourse on business education to create well-rounded understanding of the varied dimensions of management.

The comprehensive curriculum has been designed employing Blooms Taxonomy which describes six hierarchical levels of learning. At the heart of this philosophy is the focus on developing and honing higher order skills of application, analysis, synthesis and creation.

Blooms Taxonomy and its six hierarchical levels are the basis of programme design and delivery at Sambodhi. The instructional design methods used across courses ensure that the higher order learning needs of Application, Analysis, Evaluation and Creation are targeted than the lower levels-Understanding and Remembering. The entire educational experience is ‘lecture free’ with case discussions, exercises, projects and simulation being the core ‘training’ techniques

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