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With a close-knit team of 100 professionals, a leader in the field of research, we work across South Asia, South-East Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Headquartered at Noida (Delhi-National Capital Region), India, we have full-service regional offices in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Dar-e-Salam (Tanzania).


Education Nest is Sambodhi’s premier flagship capacity building offering. Education Nest has previously catered to a large variety of organizations enabling them to incorporate a culture of M&E, catalyzing their organizational capacities and improving the lives of the people they serve. With changing times and to cater to modern-day, Education Nest which previously offered training across corporates, philanthropies, government bodies and educational organizations across a variety of domains, including Monitoring and Evaluation, is now also available through a screen. Having offered training in Asia and Africa, Education Nest is currently being revamped to a virtual mode of delivery. Our courses keep in mind the challenges of virtual training but though our tools and expertise in the field, Sambodhi’s Education Nest provides a unique opportunity to be part of a budding capacity-building movement to enhance evidence-based policymaking to a variety of stakeholders, across a global audience. 


Education Nest’s parent organization – Sambodhi, helps create high-impact knowledge and catalyze accountability in the public domain through its project management and monitoring and evaluation solutions. At Sambodhi, we offer objective, evidence-based support to implementers, governments, donors, and corporates, contributing to high-quality multi-input development programs with key development actors like the World Bank, UN and bilateral agencies, philanthropies like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation etc. We have worked across areas of public health, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, water and sanitation, environment, and renewable energy. Over the past decade, we have emerged as a pioneer for developing cutting-edge methodologies for evaluation of large-scale development interventions, influenced development policy and improved implementation efficiency, globally.

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