Learn to Leverage Evidence for Decisions

A global knowledge exchange for empowering learners with skills in data-driven decision making

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for Development Professionals

Development professionals must understand the complex problems they want to solve, from public health to climate-friendly energy to education and livelihoods.

How can they effectively interpret data and evidence for making strategic decisions?

How do they verify that their programs are having the intended impact?

Sambodhi has designed an 18-week course to help answer these questions by enhancing knowledge, skills, and dialogue on MEL.

Why learn with us

  • Developed and facilitated by MEL practitioners & experts
  • Uses case studies & real-world examples from different sectors
  • Application-based interactive learning through classroom activities
  • Offers scholarships and discounts
  • Tailored for early career professionals with weekend classes

Our vision

As an organization with almost two decades of experience in field building and nurturing outcomes-driven ecosystems, we are relentlessly pursuing our vision of empowering individuals and organizations with strategic and technical skills to help them make better data-driven decisions, improve public policy, and pursue powerful ideas.

Who can learn with us

  • Individuals and organizations with a demonstrated commitment to and passion for serving the public interest.
  • Decision makers and think tanks with an urgency to make a difference in the world.
  • Those in need of specific skills, informed perspectives, and nuanced understanding to solve public problems.
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